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Street Ventures

Hudson Street Ventures, LLC is a private investment firm deploying long-term, permanent capital.

The firm was established in 2021 by Jim Kocis, Founder and CEO of Burgiss, a financial technologies and data provider to the private capital industry.
About Jim Kocis

Jim Kocis, a technologist, author, entrepreneur and investor, founded Burgiss, a global, market-leading provider of data and analytical solutions for institutional investors. As Founder and CEO, Jim continues as its CEO to oversee its strategic direction and operations. 


Jim is the author (with Alan Zenreich) of two books– The Paradox Programmer’s Guide: PAL by Example (Random House 1993); and Inside Private Equity: The Professional Investor’s Handbook (Wiley 2009) with James Bachman, Austin Long, and Craig Nickels. Jim is an Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Stevens Venture Center at Stevens Institute of Technology and is a long-time contributing member of the Institute for Private Capital and the Private Equity Research Consortium.

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